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Welcome to Gold Key Security's web site. I hope you find the information and products here useful. There will be new product additions to this site over the next several months so be sure to stop by and check out what is new.

Broken Key Removal

Having a key break off in a lock can be a real pain in the butt. But with the right information you stand a good chance of removing the broken key piece yourself. This article has helped many people correct the problem and save money in the process. Click on how to remove a broken key to access the full article. 

Pinning Windows

You can add meaningful security to double-hung and some sliding windows by pinning them. Pinning windows takes very little effort (and just a few tools) and can make the difference between a burglar getting in your home or going elsewhere. Click on pinning windows to find out more.

Home Security Tips

This section is dedicated to providing the security-conscious homeowner with practical advice on how to better secure his or her home. I owned and operated a lock and alarm business for many years and it is this experience you will find in this section. Information will be added as time goes on. You can see these at security tips.

Featured Security Product

Supra S6 Push Button Lock Box 001193

Supra S6 Keyless Lock Box
The Supra S6 lock box can come in handy for:

>>> After school access for children
>>> Access to vacation properties/rentals
>>> Provides convenient key access
>>> Prevents lockouts

The Supra S6 mounts securely on most walls or flat surfaces with 4 screws (provided). Opens quickly with your personal, easy-to-change combination. Keys attach to lid to help prevent list keys. Rust-proof metal construction, durable.

Priced at just $19.95 (plus $8.00 shipping) it may be the right solution for your key storage needs.

Only One left at this price.


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